Wednesday, August 17, 2016

6 Layer Impedance Control Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication

For a specially fileds we need to manufacturing 6 layer rigid flex pcb, for its advanced in some kinds of electronics application like LCB display etc. You can learn more about what is regid-flex PCB in here. Fabrication of  6 Layer Impedance Control Rigid Flex PCBs involves several intricate steps, which must be executed with utmost care. A minute design or manufacturing flaw can lead to overall board failure.

It is always better to prevent any design and manufacturing fault at the earliest before they escalate to major defects. By considering some standard rules you can minimize the number of defects during the fabrication of 6 layer rigid-flex PCB.
6 Layer Impedance Control Rigid Flex PCB fabrication

When manufacturing 6 layer impedance control rigid flex pcb, be remember to keep your flex ‘flexible’ using the right type and amount of materials. For example, if an application demands for a 6 layer rigid-flex PCB that should bend during the assembly and then should remain in a fixed position, you must use the right kind of copper and adhesives that allow you to do so.

It is suggested to keep circuits small. It is better to use a set of smaller circuits instead of a singular large circuit.It is not good practice to bend a flex circuit at the corners. However, some design situations demand bending at corners. In such cases, you can make a gentle curving, or use conical radius bends.

Copper used in a 6 layer rigid-flex boards has a tendency to detach from the substrate. Hence, it is essential to provide support for the copper to prevent it from detaching. Even if you are using surface mount pads and non-plated-through pads, consider using it along with some extra measures like coverlay mask to anchor pads.

It is imperative to strictly follow the recommended tolerances whenever possible.It is better to avoid laying traces over each copper layer in the same direction. It is recommended to stagger the traces to achieve even distribution of tension between copper layers.
It is recommended to carry a power or ground plane on a flex circuit to enhance/retain the board’s flexibility. You can consider using either solid copper pours or hatched polygons for the purpose.

In order to produce reliable rigid-flex based products, you must be careful enough to provide attention to detail. Otherwise, the final assembly may fail to provide the expected functionality and durability. These troublesome situations can be prevented by following the above mentioned recommendations. If you need to make 6 layer impedance control rigid flex PCB,inquire us anytime, we will provides better survice for you.


Monday, August 15, 2016

The Basic Knowledge of Printed Circuit Board that We Need to Know

In our life, we can see PCB find PCB everywhere, the telephone, computer, car, radio, etc; it is a used in many electronics products. PCB looks like just a simple board, but it is a necessary part in most of the electronics products. Putting a simple PCB can make the smart phones smarter and slimmer. Comparing the machine, it has small body and takes small space in the machine; it allows the mounting of other electronic components directly on to it. So, what is PCB? Today, we are going to get some basic knowledge of PCB.

The full name of PCB is Printed Circuit Board. It has different layers, from single layer to multilayer. Printed circuit board is a non conducted board, such as plastic and glass on to it which the pattern is printed by conducting metal such as copper. This allows the current to pass only through the conducting pattern at the required rate, which is controlled by using resistors, transistors and amplifiers.

For creating a PCB, we need finish four main steps, which is designing, printing, etching and completing the board. Now, we will have a simple introduction of these four steps one by one.


Designing is the very beginning of one PCB created. For designing a PCB, we must use designing software. This step is the most important part and the function of a device is depended by how the circuit designed. But please note that if you design the circuit faultily, all of work at creating of the board might be wasted. So, the engineer must be very careful. Once the design finished, we will get a Gerber file and it will be used to build the board.


After finishing the design, we can go on and enter into printing process. This is the stage where the circuit design is stenciled on copper covered circuit board. The pattern of the circuit is created by using non corrosive ink, so that only the pattern of the circuit will be remained when the board is immersed in etching process.


Now, we are at the third stage where the board is immersed in an etching process that is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and muriatic acid. The etching dissolves or melts away the unprotected copper coating and only the circuit design which was covered with noncorrosive ink remained. The printing which consists of lines of copper that remained on the board, this is called trances. The circuit board is finally washed in neutralizing bath or cold water to remove any traces of the remaining etching.


Finally, the board goes into the drilling step. Drilling holes, where the components will be attached. Once this step is finished, the PCB is ready to be used.

This is just a simple explanation of the production process of the printed circuit board. Every factory has their different manufacturing process. We still need to work hard to get deeper knowledge of PCB.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why should change PCB files into GERBER files and drill data

Most engineers are accustomed to send PCB design file directly to factory for produce, and more popular on the international is converted PCB file to Gerber files and drill data, why should do this.

Because electronic engineers and PCB engineers have different understanding of pcb, the factory conversion PCB may not the same as you want, as you design parameter elements are defined in the PCB file, you do not want these parameters display on the PCB the finished product, you have not stated, PCB factory may product out. This is just one example. If you own convert PCB files to GERBER file can avoid such incidents.

GERBER file is an international standard Gerber format file, which contains the RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats, including RS-274-D format called basic GERBER, need D code to a complete description of a graphic; RS-274-X is called an extended GERBER format, which itself contains D code information. commonly used CAD software can generate two kinds of file formats.

How to check the correctness of the generated GERBER? You only need to import the GERBER files and D code into freeware Viewmate V6.3 , so you can see it on screen.

Drilling data can be generated by a variety of CAD software, the general format is Excellon , it can be displayed in Viewmate. No drilling data certainly can’t make the PCB.

Wonderful PCB(HK) limited  can design and open all kinds of PCB format, if you have any PCB technology questions, welcome to contact with me any time.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Ball Grid Array Introduction

In the 90s of the last century with the progress of technology, chip integration continues to increase, a sharp increase in the number of I / O pins, power consumption also increases, of integrated circuit packaging requirements are more stringent. In order to meet the development needs, the BGA package began being used in production. Below we can work together to learn about what is exactly BGA.

BGA's full name is ball grid array (ball grid array structure of PCB), is a large component pin package, QFP and four pin similar, are using SMT solder paste welding connected with the circuit board. The distinctness is listed in around the "one dimension" single row type pin, such as gull wing extends a foot, feet horizontally or retracted abdomen bottom J type foot; change into stomach bottom comprehensive array or the local array, for the distribution of two dimensional area of solder ball of the foot, as chip package body on the circuit board solder interconnection tools.

BGA has the advantages of small package area, increase function, increase in pin count, high reliability, good electrical performance, low overall cost.

BGA encapsulation method developed by Motorola Company in 1986, in advance is to BT organic sheet of double-sided board, instead of the traditional metal tripod on the IC package.

At present, BGA can be divided into five categories.

 1. Plastic carrier (BT) P-BGA (with double and multi-layer)
 2. Ceramic carrier plate C-BGA.
 3. TAB package in T-BGA.
 4. Only slightly larger than the original chip of ultra small M-BGA
 5. Other special BGA, such as d-bga's Kyocera (dimpled), m-bga's Olin and V-BGA's prolinx.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The price of Circuit Boards From China

When you dealing with China PCB manufacturer, besides its quality, the price of PCB is very important.

According to the different circuit board design, the price will be because of the circuit board material, the layers of the circuit board, circuit board size, the number of each production, the production process and the minimum line width from, the minimum pore size and the number of holes and special process requirements to determine. Within the industry there are several ways to calculate the price.

1, According to the size of the calculation of the price (for small quantities of samples)

Chamber of Commerce of production according to the different circuit board layers, different process given unit price per square centimeter, customers only need to put the size of the circuit board for cm and then multiplied by per square centimeter unit can be drawn to the unit price of the production of circuit board. This method of calculation for common craft of circuit board is very applicable, both for the convenience of producers also convenient for buyers. The following is illustrated as below:

Such as orders for a production factory pricing single panel, FR-4, 10-20 square meters, priced at 0.04 yuan / square cm, then if the purchaser of board size is 10*10cm and production quantity is 1000-2000 blocks, just meets this criteria, the price will be equal to 10*10*0.04=4 yuan a piece.

2, According to the cost of fine calculation price (for mass application)

Because the circuit board of the raw materials are copper clad laminate, production of copper clad laminate factory set some fixed size sold in the market, common have 915mm*1220mm (36 "inches"); 940mm*1245mm 37 ("*49"); 1020mm*1220mm (40 "inches"); 1067mm*1220mm (42 "inches"); 1042mm*1245mm (41 "49"); 1093mm*1245mm 43 ("*49");

Chamber of production according to the production of circuit board material plies, process, quantity and other parameters calculated utilization rate of the circuit board copper clad laminate, in order to calculate the cost of materials, for example production a 100 * 100mm circuit board factory in order to improve the production efficiency, he may will board a chunk of the spell 100*4 and 100*5 to production, which they also need to add some spacing and the plate boundary for convenient production.

The spacing of gongs board plate edge left 2mm, left 8-20mm, large plate and then formed in the raw material size to cut, if not cut just here, what is the use of the excess in the rate maximization. Calculated using just one step, but also a drilling fee, see how many holes. How big is the smallest hole, a large number of holes, but also on board in line to calculate the cost of each small copper plating process costs, plus each company average labor costs, loss rate, profit rate, marketing costs, the total cost divided by a large piece of raw materials can produce the number of platelets, platelet derived unit. The process is very complex, need someone to do, generally quote to more than a few hours.

Monday, August 1, 2016

How can you do Quick Turn PCB service

As the competition is fiercer and fiercer in the world now. The electronic production need a very fast lead time with best price. So quick turn pcb service is appearing in the pcb line. Who can provide good service of the quick turn would grap your customers, especially for the pcb prototypes’ production.

Usually the pcb production for pcb prototyes’ would take 5 days. But sometimes, the customers urgently need the pcb. So they ask for a quick turn pcb production. Someone would ask for 1 days production. So this is a big chanllege to the pcb factory. Just think about it, the pcb production process would be very complicated. Before this, you should make the gerber file into production file.

It would usually take 3-4 hours to deal all the files if there is no any EQ. After that , you have make the films before you make the pcb production. During the production, you should make every pcb process go on well and don’t make any mistake. If you fail, you should remake from the first production process.

So you can see how quick it should be. Actually, 24 hours is usually for simple pcb, one or two layer pcb. If for 4 layer pcb, that would be very tough. It finally depends on your factory’s equitment capacity and the experienced engineers. Of course, if boards are very complicated, we may talk to customers. To make the quick turn pcb lead time for 2-3 days.

As the competition is bigger and bigger, some small pcb factories would try to make quick turn pcb for grabbing new customer. Usually, they need to spend too much resources to the quick turn pcb production. Maybe spending too much material cost on the plan and most of the engineers are focus on the project in the production. But not all the production would be satisfied with the customers.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Flexible circuit board introduction?

For some in the industry of electronic equipment, of soft circuit board for this product must not strange, soft circuit board and ordinary circuit board lighter weight compared. Greater flexibility, are widely used in computer, cameras and other products. Today we are going to talk about flexible circuit board classification and soft circuit board prospects for development.

Flexible circuit board classification

Flexible circuit board usually according to the conductor layers and structure were classified as follows:

1. Single-sided of soft flexible PCB

Single-sided PCB of , only one conductor layer, on the surface can be with or without cover layer. The insulating base material with the products of different applications and different. But usually most insulating materials have polyester, polyimide, PTFE, soft epoxy glass cloth.

2. Double sided soft PCB

Double-sided flexible PCB, there are two layers of conductor, its application and advantages and single soft same main advantage is increased wiring density in unit area hiccup Rong. It can by no metallized hole and, without overburden layer is divided into:

A. non metallic hole, no cover layer;
B. non metal hole, there is a layer of coverage;
C. has a metal hole, no cover;
D. has a metal hole, there is a layer of coverage.
No coverage of the two sides of the soft PCB application is less.

3. Multi layer soft PCB

Flexible multilayer PCB with multi-layer laminating technology, can be also made into a multilayer. The simplest of multilayer flexible PCB is on the basis of single both sides covered with copper shielding layer formed three layer of soft pcb. this three layer of soft PCB in the electrical characteristics is in coaxial conductor or shield conductor. The most commonly used multi-layer soft PCB structure is four layer structure, with metallized holes to realize the interconnection between layers, the middle layer 2 is generally power layer and ground layer.

The advantages of multilayer soft PCB substrate film, light weight and excellent electrical characteristics, such as low dielectric constant. With polyimide film as the raw materials to made of multilayer flexible printed circuit board (PCB), than the weight of the rigid epoxy glass cloth Multilayer PCB board about one-third lighter, but it is losing the single-sided, double-sided flexible PCB excellent can be flexible, most of these products is does not require flexible.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Storage and shelf life of PCB Board

PCB board after the final product inspection, then vacuum packed storage waiting for shipment. So why pcb using vacuum packaging?? after vacuum packaging how to store? How long its shelf life, and how do? Below will give you a brief introduction of printed circuit board (PCB) storage and quality guarantee period.

Why to vacuum packed PCB board? A lot of circuit board manufacturers attach great importance to this problem. Because the PCB board once not good sealing, the surface immersion gold, spray tin and welding pad position will be oxidized and the effects of welding, is not conducive to the production.

How does the PCB board store it? The circuit board is no better than other products, it can't be in contact with air and water.

First PCB board vacuum can not be damaged, the need to pack in the box on the edge of a layer of bubble film, bubble film of water absorption is relatively good, so that the moisture has played a very good role.

After box must partition, from stored in ventilated and dry place, but also to avoid sun exposure. Best warehouse temperature control in 23 + 3 degrees, 55 + 10%rh. Under such conditions, heavy gold, gold, spray tin, silver plating surface treatment of PCB board can generally be stored for 6 months, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP surface treatment of PCB board can generally be stored for 3 months.

For PCB board is not used for a long time, the circuit board manufacturers best in the brush on top of a layer of anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion paint can be moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti oxidation. So PCB board storage life can be increased to 9 months.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Glass PCB Fabrication Process

See how PCB designer process for making glass PCBs. They’re pretty much identical to regular, fiberglass-based PCBs, but building circuits on microscope slides. We’ve seen him build a glass PCB LED clock and a Linux Minecraft Ethernet thing, but until now,  process of building these glass PCBs hasn’t been covered in the depth required to duplicate these projects.



Of course, building a glass PCB is useless without soldering components to it. For that, he is using bismuth solder paste for low-temp hot plate soldering. If you’re only doing single-sided SMD work, this is a great way to produce beautiful circuit boards made of glass, but now we’re wondering if a small enough diamond drill bit would allow for double-sided construction.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Advantages of HDI circuit

HDI is high density interconnect, high density interconnect (HDI) manufacturing is a printed circuit board, printed circuit board is to insulating material supplemented conductor wiring formed structural components. Printed circuit board in the preparation of the final product, which will be installed integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, passive components such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.), and various other electronic parts.

HDI board is currently widely used in mobile phones, digital (photo) camera, MP3, MP4, notebook computers, automotive electronics and other digital products, among which the most widely used mobile phone applications.

Advantages of HDI circuit

1. Reduce the cost of PCB: when the density of PCB increased by more than eight laminate, to HDI to manufacture, its cost will be more than the traditional complex compression process is low.

2. Increase the line density: the traditional circuit boards and parts of the interconnection

3 .It is conducive to the use of advanced construction technology.

4. Have better electrical performance and signal accuracy.

5.Reliability is better

6. Improve the thermal properties

7. Improve radio frequency interference / electromagnetic wave interference / electrostatic discharge (rfi/emi/esd)

8. Increase design efficiency

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lenovo expects flexible screen phone will be lanched within five years

According to foreign media reports, Lenovo Mobile business departments responsible person in an interview with CNBC, said Lenovo's flexible screen mobile phone is expected will be on the market within five years, think of the recent show wearing on the wrist of a user equipment is to realize the technology products. Lenovo last month had launched a cplus product concept, the configuration of the flexibility of Android products is expected in five years to achieve commercialization.

Lenovo said last week, mobile phone business co President Aymar de lencquesaing in Viva technology summit in Paris accepted an interview with CNBC, Lenovo in found ready flexible screen mobile phone market opportunities, the Association for new technology. But the association must race against time, because such as Samsung and other competitors also in the study of flexible screen mobile phone, but progress is than Lenovo faster. Over the next two years is Samsung developed an important stage of the flexible screen mobile phone, corresponding products must comply with the value orientation of the market.

Not only is Lenovo and Samsung hopes in the mobile phone use flexible screen, apple and LG also hope that using this screen. News SamSung monitor the company has with apple signed OLED contract. If the rumor is true, it indicates that the iPhone display will from now LTPS (LTPs) LCD to flexible OLED technology.

This year's LG, CES also showed a flexible OLED display, can be rolled up like a newspaper.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

EMC concept in the design of PCB

In the PCB layout EMC occupies a place, a good PCB design engineer should master the knowledge of EMC enough. Products must be through the 3C, FCC, CE certification. This is the earliest people who know. Electromagnetic compatibility EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), for the performance of equipment or system, literally translated as "electromagnetic compatibility", but as a discipline, it should be translated as "electromagnetic compatibility".

National standards gb/t4365-1995< electromagnetic compatible term > definition of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under for the equipment or system in its electromagnetic environment can work normally and anything wrong in the environment which cannot withstand the electromagnetic disturbance ability. "

The standard is the equivalent of the iec60050 (161). Electromagnetic compatibility is research in a limited space, limited time, under the condition of the limited spectrum resource, electrical equipment (system system; generalized also includes organisms) can coexist does not due to degradation of a science.

A few Concept:

EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI: Electromagnetic Emission
EMS: Electromagnetic Susceptibility
CE: Conducted Emission
RE: Radiated Emission
CS: Conducted Susceptibility
RS: Radiated Susceptibility


Monday, July 4, 2016

May 2016 North American PCB business growth slowed

On 28 June 2016, Illinois Bannock the IPC - International Association connecting electronics industries released <2016 years 5 in North American PCB industry survey report. Report showed that 5 in PCB sales and orders over the level of the same period last year, and a few months ago compared to the growth rate has slowed down. Orders are shipped than synchronisation was lower but still in 101 benign interval.

Total shipments in North America in May 2016, compared with the same period in 2015, an increase of 4.4%; since the beginning of shipments increased by 5.3%, compared with last month, in May shipments fell by 3.1%.

May 2016 PCB orders, an increase of only 0.1%; to promote the beginning of the order quantity, the growth rate slowed down to 4%; compared with last month, the order of May decreased by 5.6%.

IPC Market Research Director Sharon Starr lady said: "in May from America PCB industry still in growth, but growth slowed. After six consecutive months, shipments for the first time exceeded orders, resulting in orders shipped than falling to near balance value of the important juncture."

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6S iPhone flash and PCB motherboard from different vendors

Prior to the United States investment institutions to provide market research data show that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus supply chain and supply situation is obviously better than that of the previous generation iPhone and iPhone 6 plus. This is undoubtedly due to Apple's powerful supply chain management and control capabilities.

In order to ensure production capacity, apple is not only with the strength of a large number of major suppliers, some of the recognition of small suppliers will enter its supply chain list.

But it is precisely because of this, the iPhone 6S just listed soon, several versions of the processor exposed performance differences and other issues, was consumer disputes. In the interior of the iPhone, there are thousands of components, a vendor is unlikely to meet the iPhone's huge demand, with the result that some components requires several manufacturers supply. The spirit of a responsible attitude, the GeekBar specifically to solve the problem of the disassemble research.

In the official iphone6 circuit principle diagram material statements can see iphone6 flash from three suppliers, respectively is modern, Toshiba, SanDisk. And distribution of selected in different capacity flash memory manufacturer is different the iPhone flash demolished in the maintenance of.Geekbar had this problem is clear.

TLC flash memory particles using iPhone enough to support its service life!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

How are Multi-Layer PCBs Made?

I know how normal PCBs are etched, but every time I grab a magnifying glass and examine the edge of a multi-layer board I'm astounded by the precision that must be required during production. On top of that, some of them have buried vias and other such trickery, which must further complicate the process.

 How are these boards made?

In a nutshell, to make a 4-layer board, 2 double sided boards and a separator are laminated together. You can extend this idea to 6, 8, n-layer boards.

Amazing isn't it? A key to manufacturing multi-layer boards is the mechanical registration system which ensures layers line up with sufficient accuracy.

The Basic Steps of PCB Circuit Board CAM Production

Each PCB board is basically composed of an aperture, drill layer, circuit layer, solder resist layer, character layer, in the CAM350, each layer will be loaded in different color zones separately, in order to facilitate the operation. The following is the basic steps of PCB CAM production.

1. Import file

First automatically import files (file-->import-->autoimport) and examination data are complete, the alignment layers (edit-->layers-->align) and set origin position (edit-->change-->origin-->datum coordinate), the layer arrangement (edit-- >layers-->reorder) according to a certain order, the layer would be useless to delete edit-->layers-->reorder.

2, Treatment of drilling

When customers did not provide drill files, you can use converted into flash (utilities-->draw-->custom, utilities-->draw-->flash-->interactive) turn into borehole drilling for editing, utilities-->gerber to drill) aperture position;

Then inspect the smallest hole size, hole edge and the edge of the hole or slot minimum spacing (analysis-->check drill), the edge of the hole edge and forming minimum distance (info-->measure-->object-object) whether meet the process capability.

3, line processing

The first measurement of minimum diameter, line spacing (analysis-->drc), to see if they meet the process capability. Then the wire diameter compensation according to the thickness of the copper foil board type PC and substrate (edit-->change-->dcode), check the line pad has no offset relative to the drill hole (if pad has edit--> layers-->snap pad to, using the drill command; if drilling is biased the use of edit-->layers-->snap drill, to pad, pad ring) command line is large enough (analysis-->drc), and npth line hole, groove edge, forming edge distance meets the pad requirements of.Npth production line hole (edit-->delete). Then whether to cancel the DRC examination after the completion of the above lines and lines, and pad, whether spacing pad and pad meet the production requirements.

4,Anti welding process

Check solder and circuit pad matching (analysis-->drc), solder and line spacing, plates welded with the circuit pad spacing (line and soldermask copy to a layer, then analysis-->drc command to check this layer), preventing electrode from the minimum width, npth whether have sizes solder block (add-->flash).

5, Word processing

Check the text line width (info-->report-->dcode), height (info-->measure-->point-point), diameter hollow, text and line pad spacing, text and shaping of the edge distance, text and fishing hole or slot spacing, text and not eat tin PTH pitch whether or not to meet the requirements of the production. Ran after according to customer requirements add UL Mark and date code marking.

6, Work with contiguous edge processing

According to the specified contiguous contiguous edit-->copy, processing of the side. Then add AI hole drilling for editing, add-->drill hit), the positioning hole, optical, customer material number (add-->text), Yang Xuan material number. Need V-CUT to guide the V-CUT angle (edit-->line change-->fillet, if need to fillet with the following command: edit-->line change-->chamfer. Some of the also requires et chapter, V-CUT test points, broken drill hole, the second the drilling plates stay test line and pad, the identification mark etc..

7, Layout and process side of the production

According to the layout of the table on the layout of the layout, according to the production of standardized production process

8, The composite layer

peration: tables-->composites. according to the add increase a (name, bkg for setting the screen figure polarity (positive and negative), dark to multiply attributes (layer), clear negative attributes (reduced layer).

9, Output drilling and light drawing data

Cam finished recording the original film, the minimum line work piece size, line spacing and foil area (analysis-->copper area).

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How to Solve the EMI Problem of Multi Layer PCB

There are many ways to solve the problem of EMI, modern EMI suppression method includes: using EMI inhibiting coating, the selection of appropriate EMI suppression of spare parts and EMI simulation design etc.. This paper from the most basic PCB layout of PCB layer stack in the control of radiation EMI and design skills discussion.

Power Bus

In IC power supply pin near arrange appropriate capacity of the capacitor, the IC output voltage jump faster. However, problems are not hereto. Due to the capacitance is limited frequency response characteristics, which makes the capacity not in the whole band generation clean driving IC output harmonic power. In addition, the transient voltage of power bus is formed in a decoupled path across the inductor will form a voltage drop, the transient voltage is the main common mode EMI interference source.

Electromagnetic Shielding;

From the signal go line, good hierarchical strategy should put all the signal wire is placed in a layer or a plurality of layers. These layers next to the power layer and ground layer. For the power, good hierarchical strategy should power layer and ground layer adjacent and power layer and ground stratigraphic distances as small, this is, we talk about the "layered" strategy.

PCB stack

What stacking strategies help to shield and suppress the EMI following a hierarchical stacking scheme assumes that the supply current flows in a single layer, a single voltage or multi voltage distribution in the different parts of the same layer.

3 Applications of Industrial Robots in the PCB Industry

The rapid rise of the automobile PCB industry


Sunday, June 26, 2016

FR4 PCB would never be beaten down by FR1

Fr4 PCB is mostly used in pcb manufacture. Fr4 pcb is mainly used in double side pcb or multilayer pcb. The cost is much expensive than Fr1. Nowadays more and more prodcut turns to use Fr1. Do you think Fr1 would go to replace the Fr4?

Obviously , the answer is no. Fr4 is more advanced material in products. People would consider the usage of the product to choose the suitable material. Although the price is main factor to effect the choice, fr4 has its special usage in the pcb production. Fr1 is used in very simple products. Actually, fr1 can be only used in single layer pcb. If you look into the products you may find that the electronic is more advanced and many of them is above 2 layers. Now the requirement of high technical,high density is in the current world. So fr4 would never be replaced by fr1.

Fr4 pcb has the following advantage:

Good mechanical strength and excellent workability, good mechanical properties, abrasion,acid and alkali.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3 Applications of Industrial Robots in the PCB Industry

As is known to all, the industrial robot the earliest is applied in automobile manufacturing industry, robot technology development up to now, the applied range so widely, the automotive industry is still industrial robots using higher density of a industry. Relative to the automobile production in the process of welding, spraying, handling, etc., the PCB industry requirements of robot accuracy to more high and relatively high complexity of work. Here we introduced three industrial robots are used in the case of PCB industry.

1.scara robot used in circuit board coil detection process

Complete set of testing equipment currently on the market almost no multilayer coil short circuit, much of this work relies on manual work, PCB board large aperture artificial board will be on the test device and open testing equipment, small aperture PCB board manual holding equipment (probe) to detect each coil can be done with the use of detection equipment. The SCARA robot baiting and para placement, complete testing on the aperture board all coils; for small aperture board, using a SCARA device is fixed on the end of the implementation of the probe, decided to use is to detect each coil probe, our equipment is effectively avoided the manual operation for small aperture and aperture coil or missed. Can significantly improve the detection efficiency compared with manual operation, and avoid the quality problem caused by omission.

2. delta robot used in small circuit board product assembly process

The FPC mounted disk is generally the use of artificial one by one to pick it up and put it plastic disk inside. Due to the FPC soft and thin when picking up very convenient, even experienced workers to complete the work efficiency is very low. Delta800 coupled with a visual system can from the FPC messy heap qualified picked up and in accordance with the requirements placed into trays inside, the effect is not inferior to artificial. Its speed can reach 60 pieces per minute, can replace artificial disc sorting device, thus saving the valuable labor resources, reduce the cost of the enterprise.

3. 6 axis industrial robot used in AOI testing process

AOI scanning machines rely on traditional manual imitation version, version and board, a worker control two sets of scanning machines, the monotonous work every day, and just making circuit boards will be good exudes a pungent odor of bring certain harm to the human body, AOI scanning machine from the infrared light is a stealth killer, all of the worker's health harm, the use of multi joint robot instead of artificial board for two sets of AOI, a turning plate and the receiving board, each class can be completed and more than 700 PCB hard, comprehensive efficiency can reach 1 /min (including AOI scanning time machine).

Industrial robot with the advantage of its high degree of automation, more and more to be applied in industrial production lines, with the innovation of the industrial robot technology robot in the process of high-speed production, the same can be to ensure high precision, which makes the robot can make a difference in the PCB industry.

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PCB Wiring Principle

PCB board is based on the PCB circuit design, so PCB line layout becomes particularly important, the general layout of the PCB line needs to comply with the following principles:

1. According to the electrical performance of a reasonable partition, is generally divided into: digital circuit area (that is, afraid of interference, and interference), analog circuit area (afraid of interference), power drive area.

2. Complete the same function of the circuit, should be placed close to the place, and adjust the components to ensure that the connection is the most concise; at the same time, adjust the relative position between the functional blocks to make the connection between the functional blocks of the most concise;

3. For the quality of components should consider the installation location and installation intensity; heating elements should be placed separately with the temperature sensitive components, it is necessary to consider the thermal convection;

4. I/o driver as close as possible to the printing plate edge near the lead connector;

5. The clock generator (such as: crystal oscillator or clock oscillator) device should be as close as possible to use the clock.

6. In each integrated circuit between the power input pin and ground, the need to add a decoupling capacitor (usually with a good high frequency performance of the monolithic capacitor); circuit board space is more dense, but also in a few integrated circuits around the addition of a tantalum capacitor.

7. Relay coil to add discharge diode (1N4148 is ok);

8. Layout requirements should be balanced and orderly density, not top-heavy or a heavy head.

Strict adherence to the principles of PCB wiring is the basis for the design of the best PCB board.

Further Reading:  Types of PCB Boards

Monday, June 20, 2016

The rapid rise of the automobile PCB industry

Automatic driving and new energy car comes at a time when the hot market, driven by leading automotive PCB manufacturers full orders. At the same time, because of the strict audit of automobile industry chain, the stability requirements are higher, so automotive electronics with respect to consumer electronics.

In order to understand the current PCB industry development environment help PCB manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to adapt to the trend of development of the industry, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, promote industrial upgrading, 21 to 23 June 2016, Nepcon West China of 2016 will be in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center was held. NEW PCB exhibition the exhibition, will undoubtedly become the PCB of exhibitors and visitors a professional event.

Automatic driving and new energy vehicles to promote the use of a substantial increase in the amount of PCB car

With the traditional car after ADAS gradually to the automatic driving transition, and new energy automobile promotion, continuously improve the permeability of automotive electronics, car PCB is used more and more widely. It is expected that future with mature technology and popularization, to raise the level of the car it, various, more and more feature rich, practical, and by high-end type continuous to middle and low penetration.

Millimeter wave radar spawned a huge demand for high frequency PCB car

The automobile millimeter wave radar is in a high-speed development, expected future bicycle by the average number of millimeter wave radar will continue to grow, demand for automotive radar PCB is also growing rapidly. And high-frequency radar circuit on the PCB plate, the manufacturing process have higher requirements. Therefore, automotive radar PCB will bring higher value.

Because of the special working environment of automobile, safety and high current requirements, the PCB reliability, environmental adaptability requirements are very stringent. According to chin-poon industrial chairman Huang Weijin introduction, zero defect rate is a basic requirement for suppliers of international companies, it also determines the ability in vehicle field. Because the car with PCB PCB high barriers to entry, car manufacturers will not replace certified suppliers. Therefore, once the firm can smoothly into the international.

At present, in the western region of China adaptation domestic PCB industry consolidation wave, vigorously to undertake the transfer of industries gathered, in land concessions and preferential taxation, free of charge on behalf of the recruitment of eastern enterprises produced a great attraction, the PCB industry in the west of flowering momentum appeared. At the same time with Sheng electronics industry to digital, intelligent production technology needs Yu Jiawang, the western region is gradually growth for China's manufacturing industry competition.

The new iPhone Circuit Board will Introduce the Class Board Technology

Set of micro network news on June 20, according to Taiwan media reports, Apple may be iPhone substantial revision cycle extended from the current 2 years to 3 years, rumors 2017 launched a substantial revision of the models may make major changes in appearance, the OLED display screen, may also staying high performance motor to realize complex tactile vibration.

The extension of the revision cycle will have a significant impact on suppliers in Japan, Taiwan and other parts of Asia, as these companies are highly dependent on iPhone.

Wu Jian, chairman of Taiwan PCB manufacturers Huatong revealed that have large customers 2017 the annual new phones will change the class loading plate "technology, for suppliers bring new challenges, is thought to be referring to the apple.

Market had been rumors, apple is seeking can replace the existing HDI (high density circuit board) of the class loading plate "technology, in order to adapt to the smartphone adoption of SIP (system level package) trend. With the SIP is equipped with components of the increase in the number of over limit load of HDI, Apple hopes to further introduce" class load board material application.

Wu Jian says frankly, the global smart phone market size each year about 20 billion branch, is close to saturation, the future will not appear too big change, also won't have significant growth. In order to meet the needs of customers Huatong has begun to layout the load board production line, have the confidence to grasp the business opportunities.

On 17 Huatong shareholders meeting, Wu Jian said that because of the infrastructure in place, strategy is in the right direction, 2015 years of successful paid out beautiful transcripts, revenue and profit all over the past few years have considerable growth. Especially in smart phones, although revenue growth is not a special Torgovnik Bie Mingxian, but because yield increase, the contribution to the company profit is not small.

Huatong last year net income after tax 28.67 million yuan, annual growth rate reached 44.3%, conversion per share after tax net income 241 yuan, hit a new high of nearly eight years, the shareholders today will cash dividend per share allotment by 1 yuan     

Friday, June 17, 2016

The main advantage of using printed circuit board

Circuit boards, We also named PCB printed circuit board, also known as the provider of the electrical connection in the electronic components.It has a history of more than 100 years of development; The design of the PCB manufacturer mainly layout design; The main advantage of the circuit board is greatly reduce wiring and fitting error, improves the automation level and rate of productive labor.

With the rapid development of electronic technology, PCB circuit boards are widely used in various fields, almost all of the electronic devices are included in the printed circuit board.To guarantee the normal work of the electronic equipment, reduce the electromagnetic interference between each other, to reduce the negative impact of the electromagnetic pollution to human and ecological environment, electromagnetic compatibility design cannot be ignored.

The main advantage of the PCB manufacturer use the PCB as fellows:

1. because the graphics has repeatability, reproducibility and consistency, reduce the wiring and assembly errors, saved the equipment maintenance, debugging and testing time;

2. Design can be standardized, conducive to swap;Printed circuit board

3. Wiring high density, small volume, light weight, good for the miniaturization of electronic equipment;

4. Good for mechanization and automation of production, improve the labor productivity and reduce the cost of the electronic equipmen

5. in particular, FPC soft plate bending resistance, precision, better should be on High precision instruments. (such as camera, cell phone. The camera, etc.).

Printed circuit board manufacturing method can be divided into minus (subtraction method) and add (addition) two kinds big.At present, the large-scale industrial production is given priority to with minus the corrosion of the copper foil method.

Monday, June 13, 2016

About Wonderful PCB Manufacturer in China

If you are finding a professional China PCB manufacturer, Wonderful PCB would be the best for you.

Wonderful PCB Technologies Ltd (WDF PCB) was found in 1996. With its strong technical knowledge base, WDF PCB is a reliable PCB supplier from single layer to 28 layers PCB and from prototype to mass production.

As we know that the electronics world is developing fast. WDF PCB has been continuously improving our Flexible Led PCB facility and technology. We have 20,000 square meters for our factory, a workforce of over 500 highly trained workers and a production capacity of 40,000 one month. We innovate to meet the changing market needs and create the cost effective solutions to help make our customer more successful in their business.

In 2002, we established our HK division for a much better export business. With a solid foundation of customer support and a strong intellectual knowledge base, WDF provides a PCB solution to the most difficult requirements and strive for customer satisfaction
WDF is not merely a PCB manufacturer; it prides itself on the importance of being able to work with its customer’s technical and supply chain priorities to provide a solution. Besides PCB production, we help purchase components and do the assembly.

With the management concept of "people-oriented", WDF emphasizes the trainings on staff profession and technology, a better living and working environment for our employees, creating a strong business, sustainable management and contributing to the community and our partners

One of our values is Excellence. That is to achieve excellent organizational outcomes,. The second is collaboration. That is, as a part of a tea, we cooperate with, support and encourage everyone. The third one is Responsibility. We behave in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner while taking responsibility for my actions. Then it is respect. We’re honest with all people at work, treat them respectfully and care about their wellbeing.

The mission of WDF is to deliver exceptional electronic-based products and services to our customers. We do our commitment to the community, the environment, and our own employees, combining to create loyal and engaged customers and continued growth.

Our leaders, as role model behaviors, give clear direction on mutually agreed goals to our staff. WDF sales use and develop their creativity and skills by working to achieve company success. All benefits our customers and makes Precision a great place to work.

We aim to promote customer trust and satisfaction by high-quality PCB product and service , competitive pricing, short sample lead time, on time delivery, Strong customer service, CAM engineering support. Hope to meet the expectations of our customers in quality, technology and value.

WDF is a leading PCB manufacturer, and recognized as an industry leader with global reach.

To know more about us, welcome to contact us as follows:

T:+86-0755-8622-9518 Ext. 643



Wechat/Whatsapp: +86 185 7153 5216


Sunday, June 12, 2016

IPC World Aluminum PCB Production Report

The world market for printed circuit boards (PCBs) reached an estimated $60.2 billion in value in 2014, growing just 0.7 percent in real terms, according to IPC’s World PCB Production Report for the Year 2014. Production growth in China, Thailand and Vietnam compensated for declining PCB production in most other regions,especially Aluminum PCB.Developed by a team of the world's leading PCB industry analysts, the annual study is the definitive source of PCB production data, indicating the volumes and types of PCBs being made in the world’s major producing countries.

The IPC report contains estimates of 2014 PCB production value by nine product categories and by 30 countries or sub-regions. Four categories of rigid PCBs, three categories of flexible circuits, and IC substrates are covered. The standard multilayer rigid PCB values are further segmented by those having microvia structures and those with non-microvia structures. The report also includes updates on metal-core PCBs, as well as regional trends and historical data on regional shifts in PCB production.

The data show that the worldwide rigid PCB market grew modestly in 2014, while flexible circuit growth was flat. Regional trends are also examined, including China's slowing production growth and the spectacular growth in the PCB industries of Thailand and Vietnam.

“PCB production is an international business and the landscape continues to change,” says Sharon Starr, IPC director of market research. “Companies based in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, are responsible for more than two-thirds of world PCB production. These and other companies around the world are powering the impressive growth of PCB production in southeast Asia.”

Thursday, June 2, 2016

How PCB Board Manufacturer Control Quality

“Quality is the life of PCBs and technology is a source of strength for PCBs” as all is know. The pursuit for good service is Wonder PCB (WDF) principle of service. WDF has a good quality assurance system and high quality technical service team. High quality products not only in China but also in the world are highly welcomed. WDF has focused on the high-precision technology, stable supply of our production system. All of our products are carried out strict quality management, strict quality testing , relied on high-precision design in all processes, as well as many excellent trained personnel and sophisticated equipment.
1. Raw material test 
All of our raw materials must get through strict test before production. Sometimes, the raw material samples will be conducted to special tests to meet customer requirements in independent laboratories. All classified pcb material will be marked so that production can track the original source at any time.
2. Interim Inspection 
Each stage of our production is monitored by the mid-term test. Each stage of our production on the first items is tested. After completion of the survey is confirmed by the adoption of quality control manager, we can begin volume production. Each machine operator in the production process will conduct the testing. Inspectors will regularly check each machine.
3. End of the test 
All the documents are signed, stamped and certified by both parties,  the company can only work out the appropriate product database. Our quality control objective is to achieve zero defects in 100% of manufactured goods.
4. Environmental Protection 
We do not use certain hazardous substances for our productions. In recent years, restrictions on harmful chemical substances to the environment continued to strengthen the use of the law. According to EU (European Union) ROHS (the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances, Specific Restriction of Hazardous Substances), electronic products contain six kinds of specific prohibited substances, such as: lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, brominated flame retardants specific (PBB, PBDE). This is based on protecting the global environment from the start so that we can establish the behavior of corporate social responsibility, and, in the future the standard will not be limited to the public within the EU, it will gradually become a worldwide environmental standards. WDF promise that all products will implement the EU RoHS standards, occupational health and safety policy. We agree with the other requirements. For example, we reduce health and safety risks for social progress and offer well-being of employees to make their own contribution.