Thursday, July 7, 2016

EMC concept in the design of PCB

In the PCB layout EMC occupies a place, a good PCB design engineer should master the knowledge of EMC enough. Products must be through the 3C, FCC, CE certification. This is the earliest people who know. Electromagnetic compatibility EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), for the performance of equipment or system, literally translated as "electromagnetic compatibility", but as a discipline, it should be translated as "electromagnetic compatibility".

National standards gb/t4365-1995< electromagnetic compatible term > definition of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under for the equipment or system in its electromagnetic environment can work normally and anything wrong in the environment which cannot withstand the electromagnetic disturbance ability. "

The standard is the equivalent of the iec60050 (161). Electromagnetic compatibility is research in a limited space, limited time, under the condition of the limited spectrum resource, electrical equipment (system system; generalized also includes organisms) can coexist does not due to degradation of a science.

A few Concept:

EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI: Electromagnetic Emission
EMS: Electromagnetic Susceptibility
CE: Conducted Emission
RE: Radiated Emission
CS: Conducted Susceptibility
RS: Radiated Susceptibility


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