Sunday, July 31, 2016

Flexible circuit board introduction?

For some in the industry of electronic equipment, of soft circuit board for this product must not strange, soft circuit board and ordinary circuit board lighter weight compared. Greater flexibility, are widely used in computer, cameras and other products. Today we are going to talk about flexible circuit board classification and soft circuit board prospects for development.

Flexible circuit board classification

Flexible circuit board usually according to the conductor layers and structure were classified as follows:

1. Single-sided of soft flexible PCB

Single-sided PCB of , only one conductor layer, on the surface can be with or without cover layer. The insulating base material with the products of different applications and different. But usually most insulating materials have polyester, polyimide, PTFE, soft epoxy glass cloth.

2. Double sided soft PCB

Double-sided flexible PCB, there are two layers of conductor, its application and advantages and single soft same main advantage is increased wiring density in unit area hiccup Rong. It can by no metallized hole and, without overburden layer is divided into:

A. non metallic hole, no cover layer;
B. non metal hole, there is a layer of coverage;
C. has a metal hole, no cover;
D. has a metal hole, there is a layer of coverage.
No coverage of the two sides of the soft PCB application is less.

3. Multi layer soft PCB

Flexible multilayer PCB with multi-layer laminating technology, can be also made into a multilayer. The simplest of multilayer flexible PCB is on the basis of single both sides covered with copper shielding layer formed three layer of soft pcb. this three layer of soft PCB in the electrical characteristics is in coaxial conductor or shield conductor. The most commonly used multi-layer soft PCB structure is four layer structure, with metallized holes to realize the interconnection between layers, the middle layer 2 is generally power layer and ground layer.

The advantages of multilayer soft PCB substrate film, light weight and excellent electrical characteristics, such as low dielectric constant. With polyimide film as the raw materials to made of multilayer flexible printed circuit board (PCB), than the weight of the rigid epoxy glass cloth Multilayer PCB board about one-third lighter, but it is losing the single-sided, double-sided flexible PCB excellent can be flexible, most of these products is does not require flexible.

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