Monday, August 1, 2016

How can you do Quick Turn PCB service

As the competition is fiercer and fiercer in the world now. The electronic production need a very fast lead time with best price. So quick turn pcb service is appearing in the pcb line. Who can provide good service of the quick turn would grap your customers, especially for the pcb prototypes’ production.

Usually the pcb production for pcb prototyes’ would take 5 days. But sometimes, the customers urgently need the pcb. So they ask for a quick turn pcb production. Someone would ask for 1 days production. So this is a big chanllege to the pcb factory. Just think about it, the pcb production process would be very complicated. Before this, you should make the gerber file into production file.

It would usually take 3-4 hours to deal all the files if there is no any EQ. After that , you have make the films before you make the pcb production. During the production, you should make every pcb process go on well and don’t make any mistake. If you fail, you should remake from the first production process.

So you can see how quick it should be. Actually, 24 hours is usually for simple pcb, one or two layer pcb. If for 4 layer pcb, that would be very tough. It finally depends on your factory’s equitment capacity and the experienced engineers. Of course, if boards are very complicated, we may talk to customers. To make the quick turn pcb lead time for 2-3 days.

As the competition is bigger and bigger, some small pcb factories would try to make quick turn pcb for grabbing new customer. Usually, they need to spend too much resources to the quick turn pcb production. Maybe spending too much material cost on the plan and most of the engineers are focus on the project in the production. But not all the production would be satisfied with the customers.

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