Thursday, August 4, 2016

The price of Circuit Boards From China

When you dealing with China PCB manufacturer, besides its quality, the price of PCB is very important.

According to the different circuit board design, the price will be because of the circuit board material, the layers of the circuit board, circuit board size, the number of each production, the production process and the minimum line width from, the minimum pore size and the number of holes and special process requirements to determine. Within the industry there are several ways to calculate the price.

1, According to the size of the calculation of the price (for small quantities of samples)

Chamber of Commerce of production according to the different circuit board layers, different process given unit price per square centimeter, customers only need to put the size of the circuit board for cm and then multiplied by per square centimeter unit can be drawn to the unit price of the production of circuit board. This method of calculation for common craft of circuit board is very applicable, both for the convenience of producers also convenient for buyers. The following is illustrated as below:

Such as orders for a production factory pricing single panel, FR-4, 10-20 square meters, priced at 0.04 yuan / square cm, then if the purchaser of board size is 10*10cm and production quantity is 1000-2000 blocks, just meets this criteria, the price will be equal to 10*10*0.04=4 yuan a piece.

2, According to the cost of fine calculation price (for mass application)

Because the circuit board of the raw materials are copper clad laminate, production of copper clad laminate factory set some fixed size sold in the market, common have 915mm*1220mm (36 "inches"); 940mm*1245mm 37 ("*49"); 1020mm*1220mm (40 "inches"); 1067mm*1220mm (42 "inches"); 1042mm*1245mm (41 "49"); 1093mm*1245mm 43 ("*49");

Chamber of production according to the production of circuit board material plies, process, quantity and other parameters calculated utilization rate of the circuit board copper clad laminate, in order to calculate the cost of materials, for example production a 100 * 100mm circuit board factory in order to improve the production efficiency, he may will board a chunk of the spell 100*4 and 100*5 to production, which they also need to add some spacing and the plate boundary for convenient production.

The spacing of gongs board plate edge left 2mm, left 8-20mm, large plate and then formed in the raw material size to cut, if not cut just here, what is the use of the excess in the rate maximization. Calculated using just one step, but also a drilling fee, see how many holes. How big is the smallest hole, a large number of holes, but also on board in line to calculate the cost of each small copper plating process costs, plus each company average labor costs, loss rate, profit rate, marketing costs, the total cost divided by a large piece of raw materials can produce the number of platelets, platelet derived unit. The process is very complex, need someone to do, generally quote to more than a few hours.

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