Monday, August 8, 2016

Ball Grid Array Introduction

In the 90s of the last century with the progress of technology, chip integration continues to increase, a sharp increase in the number of I / O pins, power consumption also increases, of integrated circuit packaging requirements are more stringent. In order to meet the development needs, the BGA package began being used in production. Below we can work together to learn about what is exactly BGA.

BGA's full name is ball grid array (ball grid array structure of PCB), is a large component pin package, QFP and four pin similar, are using SMT solder paste welding connected with the circuit board. The distinctness is listed in around the "one dimension" single row type pin, such as gull wing extends a foot, feet horizontally or retracted abdomen bottom J type foot; change into stomach bottom comprehensive array or the local array, for the distribution of two dimensional area of solder ball of the foot, as chip package body on the circuit board solder interconnection tools.

BGA has the advantages of small package area, increase function, increase in pin count, high reliability, good electrical performance, low overall cost.

BGA encapsulation method developed by Motorola Company in 1986, in advance is to BT organic sheet of double-sided board, instead of the traditional metal tripod on the IC package.

At present, BGA can be divided into five categories.

 1. Plastic carrier (BT) P-BGA (with double and multi-layer)
 2. Ceramic carrier plate C-BGA.
 3. TAB package in T-BGA.
 4. Only slightly larger than the original chip of ultra small M-BGA
 5. Other special BGA, such as d-bga's Kyocera (dimpled), m-bga's Olin and V-BGA's prolinx.

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