Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why should change PCB files into GERBER files and drill data

Most engineers are accustomed to send PCB design file directly to factory for produce, and more popular on the international is converted PCB file to Gerber files and drill data, why should do this.

Because electronic engineers and PCB engineers have different understanding of pcb, the factory conversion PCB may not the same as you want, as you design parameter elements are defined in the PCB file, you do not want these parameters display on the PCB the finished product, you have not stated, PCB factory may product out. This is just one example. If you own convert PCB files to GERBER file can avoid such incidents.

GERBER file is an international standard Gerber format file, which contains the RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats, including RS-274-D format called basic GERBER, need D code to a complete description of a graphic; RS-274-X is called an extended GERBER format, which itself contains D code information. commonly used CAD software can generate two kinds of file formats.

How to check the correctness of the generated GERBER? You only need to import the GERBER files and D code into freeware Viewmate V6.3 , so you can see it on screen.

Drilling data can be generated by a variety of CAD software, the general format is Excellon , it can be displayed in Viewmate. No drilling data certainly can’t make the PCB.

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