Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lenovo expects flexible screen phone will be lanched within five years

According to foreign media reports, Lenovo Mobile business departments responsible person in an interview with CNBC, said Lenovo's flexible screen mobile phone is expected will be on the market within five years, think of the recent show wearing on the wrist of a user equipment is to realize the technology products. Lenovo last month had launched a cplus product concept, the configuration of the flexibility of Android products is expected in five years to achieve commercialization.

Lenovo said last week, mobile phone business co President Aymar de lencquesaing in Viva technology summit in Paris accepted an interview with CNBC, Lenovo in found ready flexible screen mobile phone market opportunities, the Association for new technology. But the association must race against time, because such as Samsung and other competitors also in the study of flexible screen mobile phone, but progress is than Lenovo faster. Over the next two years is Samsung developed an important stage of the flexible screen mobile phone, corresponding products must comply with the value orientation of the market.

Not only is Lenovo and Samsung hopes in the mobile phone use flexible screen, apple and LG also hope that using this screen. News SamSung monitor the company has with apple signed OLED contract. If the rumor is true, it indicates that the iPhone display will from now LTPS (LTPs) LCD to flexible OLED technology.

This year's LG, CES also showed a flexible OLED display, can be rolled up like a newspaper.

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