Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3 Applications of Industrial Robots in the PCB Industry

As is known to all, the industrial robot the earliest is applied in automobile manufacturing industry, robot technology development up to now, the applied range so widely, the automotive industry is still industrial robots using higher density of a industry. Relative to the automobile production in the process of welding, spraying, handling, etc., the PCB industry requirements of robot accuracy to more high and relatively high complexity of work. Here we introduced three industrial robots are used in the case of PCB industry.

1.scara robot used in circuit board coil detection process

Complete set of testing equipment currently on the market almost no multilayer coil short circuit, much of this work relies on manual work, PCB board large aperture artificial board will be on the test device and open testing equipment, small aperture PCB board manual holding equipment (probe) to detect each coil can be done with the use of detection equipment. The SCARA robot baiting and para placement, complete testing on the aperture board all coils; for small aperture board, using a SCARA device is fixed on the end of the implementation of the probe, decided to use is to detect each coil probe, our equipment is effectively avoided the manual operation for small aperture and aperture coil or missed. Can significantly improve the detection efficiency compared with manual operation, and avoid the quality problem caused by omission.

2. delta robot used in small circuit board product assembly process

The FPC mounted disk is generally the use of artificial one by one to pick it up and put it plastic disk inside. Due to the FPC soft and thin when picking up very convenient, even experienced workers to complete the work efficiency is very low. Delta800 coupled with a visual system can from the FPC messy heap qualified picked up and in accordance with the requirements placed into trays inside, the effect is not inferior to artificial. Its speed can reach 60 pieces per minute, can replace artificial disc sorting device, thus saving the valuable labor resources, reduce the cost of the enterprise.

3. 6 axis industrial robot used in AOI testing process

AOI scanning machines rely on traditional manual imitation version, version and board, a worker control two sets of scanning machines, the monotonous work every day, and just making circuit boards will be good exudes a pungent odor of bring certain harm to the human body, AOI scanning machine from the infrared light is a stealth killer, all of the worker's health harm, the use of multi joint robot instead of artificial board for two sets of AOI, a turning plate and the receiving board, each class can be completed and more than 700 PCB hard, comprehensive efficiency can reach 1 /min (including AOI scanning time machine).

Industrial robot with the advantage of its high degree of automation, more and more to be applied in industrial production lines, with the innovation of the industrial robot technology robot in the process of high-speed production, the same can be to ensure high precision, which makes the robot can make a difference in the PCB industry.

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