Friday, June 17, 2016

The main advantage of using printed circuit board

Circuit boards, We also named PCB printed circuit board, also known as the provider of the electrical connection in the electronic components.It has a history of more than 100 years of development; The design of the PCB manufacturer mainly layout design; The main advantage of the circuit board is greatly reduce wiring and fitting error, improves the automation level and rate of productive labor.

With the rapid development of electronic technology, PCB circuit boards are widely used in various fields, almost all of the electronic devices are included in the printed circuit board.To guarantee the normal work of the electronic equipment, reduce the electromagnetic interference between each other, to reduce the negative impact of the electromagnetic pollution to human and ecological environment, electromagnetic compatibility design cannot be ignored.

The main advantage of the PCB manufacturer use the PCB as fellows:

1. because the graphics has repeatability, reproducibility and consistency, reduce the wiring and assembly errors, saved the equipment maintenance, debugging and testing time;

2. Design can be standardized, conducive to swap;Printed circuit board

3. Wiring high density, small volume, light weight, good for the miniaturization of electronic equipment;

4. Good for mechanization and automation of production, improve the labor productivity and reduce the cost of the electronic equipmen

5. in particular, FPC soft plate bending resistance, precision, better should be on High precision instruments. (such as camera, cell phone. The camera, etc.).

Printed circuit board manufacturing method can be divided into minus (subtraction method) and add (addition) two kinds big.At present, the large-scale industrial production is given priority to with minus the corrosion of the copper foil method.

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