Monday, June 20, 2016

The rapid rise of the automobile PCB industry

Automatic driving and new energy car comes at a time when the hot market, driven by leading automotive PCB manufacturers full orders. At the same time, because of the strict audit of automobile industry chain, the stability requirements are higher, so automotive electronics with respect to consumer electronics.

In order to understand the current PCB industry development environment help PCB manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to adapt to the trend of development of the industry, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, promote industrial upgrading, 21 to 23 June 2016, Nepcon West China of 2016 will be in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center was held. NEW PCB exhibition the exhibition, will undoubtedly become the PCB of exhibitors and visitors a professional event.

Automatic driving and new energy vehicles to promote the use of a substantial increase in the amount of PCB car

With the traditional car after ADAS gradually to the automatic driving transition, and new energy automobile promotion, continuously improve the permeability of automotive electronics, car PCB is used more and more widely. It is expected that future with mature technology and popularization, to raise the level of the car it, various, more and more feature rich, practical, and by high-end type continuous to middle and low penetration.

Millimeter wave radar spawned a huge demand for high frequency PCB car

The automobile millimeter wave radar is in a high-speed development, expected future bicycle by the average number of millimeter wave radar will continue to grow, demand for automotive radar PCB is also growing rapidly. And high-frequency radar circuit on the PCB plate, the manufacturing process have higher requirements. Therefore, automotive radar PCB will bring higher value.

Because of the special working environment of automobile, safety and high current requirements, the PCB reliability, environmental adaptability requirements are very stringent. According to chin-poon industrial chairman Huang Weijin introduction, zero defect rate is a basic requirement for suppliers of international companies, it also determines the ability in vehicle field. Because the car with PCB PCB high barriers to entry, car manufacturers will not replace certified suppliers. Therefore, once the firm can smoothly into the international.

At present, in the western region of China adaptation domestic PCB industry consolidation wave, vigorously to undertake the transfer of industries gathered, in land concessions and preferential taxation, free of charge on behalf of the recruitment of eastern enterprises produced a great attraction, the PCB industry in the west of flowering momentum appeared. At the same time with Sheng electronics industry to digital, intelligent production technology needs Yu Jiawang, the western region is gradually growth for China's manufacturing industry competition.

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