Monday, June 13, 2016

About Wonderful PCB Manufacturer in China

If you are finding a professional China PCB manufacturer, Wonderful PCB would be the best for you.

Wonderful PCB Technologies Ltd (WDF PCB) was found in 1996. With its strong technical knowledge base, WDF PCB is a reliable PCB supplier from single layer to 28 layers PCB and from prototype to mass production.

As we know that the electronics world is developing fast. WDF PCB has been continuously improving our Flexible Led PCB facility and technology. We have 20,000 square meters for our factory, a workforce of over 500 highly trained workers and a production capacity of 40,000 one month. We innovate to meet the changing market needs and create the cost effective solutions to help make our customer more successful in their business.

In 2002, we established our HK division for a much better export business. With a solid foundation of customer support and a strong intellectual knowledge base, WDF provides a PCB solution to the most difficult requirements and strive for customer satisfaction
WDF is not merely a PCB manufacturer; it prides itself on the importance of being able to work with its customer’s technical and supply chain priorities to provide a solution. Besides PCB production, we help purchase components and do the assembly.

With the management concept of "people-oriented", WDF emphasizes the trainings on staff profession and technology, a better living and working environment for our employees, creating a strong business, sustainable management and contributing to the community and our partners

One of our values is Excellence. That is to achieve excellent organizational outcomes,. The second is collaboration. That is, as a part of a tea, we cooperate with, support and encourage everyone. The third one is Responsibility. We behave in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner while taking responsibility for my actions. Then it is respect. We’re honest with all people at work, treat them respectfully and care about their wellbeing.

The mission of WDF is to deliver exceptional electronic-based products and services to our customers. We do our commitment to the community, the environment, and our own employees, combining to create loyal and engaged customers and continued growth.

Our leaders, as role model behaviors, give clear direction on mutually agreed goals to our staff. WDF sales use and develop their creativity and skills by working to achieve company success. All benefits our customers and makes Precision a great place to work.

We aim to promote customer trust and satisfaction by high-quality PCB product and service , competitive pricing, short sample lead time, on time delivery, Strong customer service, CAM engineering support. Hope to meet the expectations of our customers in quality, technology and value.

WDF is a leading PCB manufacturer, and recognized as an industry leader with global reach.

To know more about us, welcome to contact us as follows:

T:+86-0755-8622-9518 Ext. 643



Wechat/Whatsapp: +86 185 7153 5216


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