Monday, June 20, 2016

The new iPhone Circuit Board will Introduce the Class Board Technology

Set of micro network news on June 20, according to Taiwan media reports, Apple may be iPhone substantial revision cycle extended from the current 2 years to 3 years, rumors 2017 launched a substantial revision of the models may make major changes in appearance, the OLED display screen, may also staying high performance motor to realize complex tactile vibration.

The extension of the revision cycle will have a significant impact on suppliers in Japan, Taiwan and other parts of Asia, as these companies are highly dependent on iPhone.

Wu Jian, chairman of Taiwan PCB manufacturers Huatong revealed that have large customers 2017 the annual new phones will change the class loading plate "technology, for suppliers bring new challenges, is thought to be referring to the apple.

Market had been rumors, apple is seeking can replace the existing HDI (high density circuit board) of the class loading plate "technology, in order to adapt to the smartphone adoption of SIP (system level package) trend. With the SIP is equipped with components of the increase in the number of over limit load of HDI, Apple hopes to further introduce" class load board material application.

Wu Jian says frankly, the global smart phone market size each year about 20 billion branch, is close to saturation, the future will not appear too big change, also won't have significant growth. In order to meet the needs of customers Huatong has begun to layout the load board production line, have the confidence to grasp the business opportunities.

On 17 Huatong shareholders meeting, Wu Jian said that because of the infrastructure in place, strategy is in the right direction, 2015 years of successful paid out beautiful transcripts, revenue and profit all over the past few years have considerable growth. Especially in smart phones, although revenue growth is not a special Torgovnik Bie Mingxian, but because yield increase, the contribution to the company profit is not small.

Huatong last year net income after tax 28.67 million yuan, annual growth rate reached 44.3%, conversion per share after tax net income 241 yuan, hit a new high of nearly eight years, the shareholders today will cash dividend per share allotment by 1 yuan     

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