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A Beginners Guide to Printed Circuit Boards

New to PCB and Want to know what is pcb, and how is pcb can do for you. Well, this is the guide for you. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are integral in our highly digitized world. They connect different electronic components in a device. A PCB consists of a substrate, electronic components, and copper traces. The base of the PCB itself is non-conductive but copper lines are etched on this base so as to electrically connect the different components. PCBs ensure precision and high-speed connectivity while being rugged in nature.Types of Printed Circuit Boards:

There are three kinds of PCB as below:

1. Single Sided Board: This kind of PCB, as the name suggests, has a single substrate. The electronic components are mounted on one side and the copper traces are etched on the other. The simplest of its kind, single-sided PCBs are used when the circuitry is simple and the budget is low.

2. Double Sided Board: Like the single-sided board, this PCB consists of a single substrate. The difference lies in the electronic components and copper traces, which are mounted and etched on both sides of the board. Thus, the number of components and conductor lines are much higher in a double sided board than in single-sided boards. This type of PCB uses through-hole and surface-mount construction to assemble the different components.

3. Multi-Layered Board: This PCB type consists of several circuit boards connected together. The copper traces connect the different layers by means of small plated-through holes called vias. Multi-layered PCBs are always connected in even numbers. When additional circuits are connected, heat becomes a problem. This brought up the need to insulate the layers. Thus, an insulating material is placed between two layers. This PCB type is used in extremely complex applications that demand high-density connections such as computers, cars, mobile phones and military equipment among others.

A thorough understanding of the various types of PCBs will help the user match the right type of circuit board with his application. The complexity of the circuit would determine the usage of the correct PCB.

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Our company's goal is to be one of leading PCB manufactor suppliers with prominent performance and technology in China.

We have our own PCB line and SMT line in the house, we do not outsource your orders.

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