Sunday, July 31, 2016

Flexible circuit board introduction?

For some in the industry of electronic equipment, of soft circuit board for this product must not strange, soft circuit board and ordinary circuit board lighter weight compared. Greater flexibility, are widely used in computer, cameras and other products. Today we are going to talk about flexible circuit board classification and soft circuit board prospects for development.

Flexible circuit board classification

Flexible circuit board usually according to the conductor layers and structure were classified as follows:

1. Single-sided of soft flexible PCB

Single-sided PCB of , only one conductor layer, on the surface can be with or without cover layer. The insulating base material with the products of different applications and different. But usually most insulating materials have polyester, polyimide, PTFE, soft epoxy glass cloth.

2. Double sided soft PCB

Double-sided flexible PCB, there are two layers of conductor, its application and advantages and single soft same main advantage is increased wiring density in unit area hiccup Rong. It can by no metallized hole and, without overburden layer is divided into:

A. non metallic hole, no cover layer;
B. non metal hole, there is a layer of coverage;
C. has a metal hole, no cover;
D. has a metal hole, there is a layer of coverage.
No coverage of the two sides of the soft PCB application is less.

3. Multi layer soft PCB

Flexible multilayer PCB with multi-layer laminating technology, can be also made into a multilayer. The simplest of multilayer flexible PCB is on the basis of single both sides covered with copper shielding layer formed three layer of soft pcb. this three layer of soft PCB in the electrical characteristics is in coaxial conductor or shield conductor. The most commonly used multi-layer soft PCB structure is four layer structure, with metallized holes to realize the interconnection between layers, the middle layer 2 is generally power layer and ground layer.

The advantages of multilayer soft PCB substrate film, light weight and excellent electrical characteristics, such as low dielectric constant. With polyimide film as the raw materials to made of multilayer flexible printed circuit board (PCB), than the weight of the rigid epoxy glass cloth Multilayer PCB board about one-third lighter, but it is losing the single-sided, double-sided flexible PCB excellent can be flexible, most of these products is does not require flexible.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Storage and shelf life of PCB Board

PCB board after the final product inspection, then vacuum packed storage waiting for shipment. So why pcb using vacuum packaging?? after vacuum packaging how to store? How long its shelf life, and how do? Below will give you a brief introduction of printed circuit board (PCB) storage and quality guarantee period.

Why to vacuum packed PCB board? A lot of circuit board manufacturers attach great importance to this problem. Because the PCB board once not good sealing, the surface immersion gold, spray tin and welding pad position will be oxidized and the effects of welding, is not conducive to the production.

How does the PCB board store it? The circuit board is no better than other products, it can't be in contact with air and water.

First PCB board vacuum can not be damaged, the need to pack in the box on the edge of a layer of bubble film, bubble film of water absorption is relatively good, so that the moisture has played a very good role.

After box must partition, from stored in ventilated and dry place, but also to avoid sun exposure. Best warehouse temperature control in 23 + 3 degrees, 55 + 10%rh. Under such conditions, heavy gold, gold, spray tin, silver plating surface treatment of PCB board can generally be stored for 6 months, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP surface treatment of PCB board can generally be stored for 3 months.

For PCB board is not used for a long time, the circuit board manufacturers best in the brush on top of a layer of anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion paint can be moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti oxidation. So PCB board storage life can be increased to 9 months.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Glass PCB Fabrication Process

See how PCB designer process for making glass PCBs. They’re pretty much identical to regular, fiberglass-based PCBs, but building circuits on microscope slides. We’ve seen him build a glass PCB LED clock and a Linux Minecraft Ethernet thing, but until now,  process of building these glass PCBs hasn’t been covered in the depth required to duplicate these projects.



Of course, building a glass PCB is useless without soldering components to it. For that, he is using bismuth solder paste for low-temp hot plate soldering. If you’re only doing single-sided SMD work, this is a great way to produce beautiful circuit boards made of glass, but now we’re wondering if a small enough diamond drill bit would allow for double-sided construction.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Advantages of HDI circuit

HDI is high density interconnect, high density interconnect (HDI) manufacturing is a printed circuit board, printed circuit board is to insulating material supplemented conductor wiring formed structural components. Printed circuit board in the preparation of the final product, which will be installed integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, passive components such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc.), and various other electronic parts.

HDI board is currently widely used in mobile phones, digital (photo) camera, MP3, MP4, notebook computers, automotive electronics and other digital products, among which the most widely used mobile phone applications.

Advantages of HDI circuit

1. Reduce the cost of PCB: when the density of PCB increased by more than eight laminate, to HDI to manufacture, its cost will be more than the traditional complex compression process is low.

2. Increase the line density: the traditional circuit boards and parts of the interconnection

3 .It is conducive to the use of advanced construction technology.

4. Have better electrical performance and signal accuracy.

5.Reliability is better

6. Improve the thermal properties

7. Improve radio frequency interference / electromagnetic wave interference / electrostatic discharge (rfi/emi/esd)

8. Increase design efficiency

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lenovo expects flexible screen phone will be lanched within five years

According to foreign media reports, Lenovo Mobile business departments responsible person in an interview with CNBC, said Lenovo's flexible screen mobile phone is expected will be on the market within five years, think of the recent show wearing on the wrist of a user equipment is to realize the technology products. Lenovo last month had launched a cplus product concept, the configuration of the flexibility of Android products is expected in five years to achieve commercialization.

Lenovo said last week, mobile phone business co President Aymar de lencquesaing in Viva technology summit in Paris accepted an interview with CNBC, Lenovo in found ready flexible screen mobile phone market opportunities, the Association for new technology. But the association must race against time, because such as Samsung and other competitors also in the study of flexible screen mobile phone, but progress is than Lenovo faster. Over the next two years is Samsung developed an important stage of the flexible screen mobile phone, corresponding products must comply with the value orientation of the market.

Not only is Lenovo and Samsung hopes in the mobile phone use flexible screen, apple and LG also hope that using this screen. News SamSung monitor the company has with apple signed OLED contract. If the rumor is true, it indicates that the iPhone display will from now LTPS (LTPs) LCD to flexible OLED technology.

This year's LG, CES also showed a flexible OLED display, can be rolled up like a newspaper.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

EMC concept in the design of PCB

In the PCB layout EMC occupies a place, a good PCB design engineer should master the knowledge of EMC enough. Products must be through the 3C, FCC, CE certification. This is the earliest people who know. Electromagnetic compatibility EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), for the performance of equipment or system, literally translated as "electromagnetic compatibility", but as a discipline, it should be translated as "electromagnetic compatibility".

National standards gb/t4365-1995< electromagnetic compatible term > definition of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under for the equipment or system in its electromagnetic environment can work normally and anything wrong in the environment which cannot withstand the electromagnetic disturbance ability. "

The standard is the equivalent of the iec60050 (161). Electromagnetic compatibility is research in a limited space, limited time, under the condition of the limited spectrum resource, electrical equipment (system system; generalized also includes organisms) can coexist does not due to degradation of a science.

A few Concept:

EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI: Electromagnetic Emission
EMS: Electromagnetic Susceptibility
CE: Conducted Emission
RE: Radiated Emission
CS: Conducted Susceptibility
RS: Radiated Susceptibility


Monday, July 4, 2016

May 2016 North American PCB business growth slowed

On 28 June 2016, Illinois Bannock the IPC - International Association connecting electronics industries released <2016 years 5 in North American PCB industry survey report. Report showed that 5 in PCB sales and orders over the level of the same period last year, and a few months ago compared to the growth rate has slowed down. Orders are shipped than synchronisation was lower but still in 101 benign interval.

Total shipments in North America in May 2016, compared with the same period in 2015, an increase of 4.4%; since the beginning of shipments increased by 5.3%, compared with last month, in May shipments fell by 3.1%.

May 2016 PCB orders, an increase of only 0.1%; to promote the beginning of the order quantity, the growth rate slowed down to 4%; compared with last month, the order of May decreased by 5.6%.

IPC Market Research Director Sharon Starr lady said: "in May from America PCB industry still in growth, but growth slowed. After six consecutive months, shipments for the first time exceeded orders, resulting in orders shipped than falling to near balance value of the important juncture."

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

6S iPhone flash and PCB motherboard from different vendors

Prior to the United States investment institutions to provide market research data show that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus supply chain and supply situation is obviously better than that of the previous generation iPhone and iPhone 6 plus. This is undoubtedly due to Apple's powerful supply chain management and control capabilities.

In order to ensure production capacity, apple is not only with the strength of a large number of major suppliers, some of the recognition of small suppliers will enter its supply chain list.

But it is precisely because of this, the iPhone 6S just listed soon, several versions of the processor exposed performance differences and other issues, was consumer disputes. In the interior of the iPhone, there are thousands of components, a vendor is unlikely to meet the iPhone's huge demand, with the result that some components requires several manufacturers supply. The spirit of a responsible attitude, the GeekBar specifically to solve the problem of the disassemble research.

In the official iphone6 circuit principle diagram material statements can see iphone6 flash from three suppliers, respectively is modern, Toshiba, SanDisk. And distribution of selected in different capacity flash memory manufacturer is different the iPhone flash demolished in the maintenance of.Geekbar had this problem is clear.

TLC flash memory particles using iPhone enough to support its service life!